Katie High is such a blessing.  My miniature Aussie had regressed and was barking at people and then at dogs behind fences.  Really snarling is a better description.  Katie assessed him.

She was so patient with both my dog and myself.   Katie came up with some new ground rules for proper behavior.  She showed me how to use his gentle leader and his martingale to help my dog navigate through these situations.   We have had success on our walks.  She reminded me animals sometimes just need to go back to the basics at times.  It is hard for me to find words to thank you Katie.

The help you give is not only for our doggies but you help to give me and others confidence that we can overcome and be good dog owners.  That is a rare gift.  I would encourage anyone that feels the need of some help to call Katie, you and your dog will be so amazed!!!

Judy Wilcox, March 11th, 2017

After just one lesson 4 days ago, my newly adopted Border Colie no longer bolts out the door. While 4 days is not enough time for him to be solid in this skill, it has changed our relationship. Katie's knowledge of dog behavior is impressive. Buddy is also solidifying other skills that he already knew, but maybe had not practiced. I am very pleased and recommend High Expectations.

Mary Nosack, May 21st, 2016

Very professional, focused, excellent results. I would highly recommend. I learned a lot about my dog and had fun doing so. I have a year old Labrador who is not only love able but now very obedient too.

Mylissa L. Boyd, June 3rd, 2016

AMAZING! My Australia Shepherd, Blue, had one lesson with Katie and we learned so much that we decided to do the 2 week boarding training. Blue has always been a good dog, but he needed some 'refinement'. He liked to jump on people, pull on the lease, and be VERY vocal around other dogs sounding not very 'friendly'. After 2 weeks, Blue is calm, relaxed, doesn't jump, doesn't need his gentle lead, and is being a good citizen. Not only did she teach Blue, but she taught my boyfriend Chris and I. And is still providing assistance for us! I have looked for a long time for a trainer that is as caring AND skilled as Katie High, you won't find it. She is definitely number one in my book!

Jackie Floyd, June 7th, 2016