I will be taking on new private training clients in the fall.

Our training sessions will provide you and your dog with that much needed one on one attention.  Private training is a nice, flexible way, to work on behaviors that matter most to you and your dog.

In-Home Training

I will come to your home and help create a training program that will provide your dog and your family with a healthy, happy living situation.  We will work together on fixing any behavior issues while training in a comfortable environment for your dog.

Puppy Class

Start your puppy out on the right paw.  Create a positive relationship with your puppy that will continue on to adolescence and adulthood.  In this clicker bassed class things such as: crate training, potty training, sit, down, puppy recall, confidence building, puppy play and more!  Class size is 3-5 dogs.  This ensures that I have time to individually help everyone, and really get to know you and your dog!
(* starting age - 9 weeks to 17 weeks.)

Little Pups Drop-In Class

Little pups is a once a week drop in puppy class that is perfect for those little pups 12 weeks and younger.  This hour training session is meant to answer pup parent questions, have pup play time, and positive pup socialization.  This class is drop-in style so you can make it work for your schedule.  I will need you to bring proof of your puppy's first set of shots.
(* starting age - 12 weeks and under)

Basic Obedience Class

You and your dog will learn how to better communicate with each other through positive training techniques.  You will teach your dog how to be a polite and patient member of the family.  Skills include:  wait, sit, down, walking on leash, place, coming when called, leave it, drop-it, enrichment, settle, and more!  Class size is kept small, 3-5 dogs!  This gives you and your dog the best chance at succeeding in training.
(* 5 months and older.)

Intermediate Obedience Class

This class will prepare you and your dog to work together under distractions of the reall world.  Class will be held both at my training loft, and outside with true distractions.  You will want to take your dog with you everywhere after this class!  Skills include:  on/off leash recalls, heeling, stay,  and much more!  (*Basic Obedience Class Required)

Canine Good Citizen Class

Your dog can where the AKC Canince good citezen patch with pride.  The AKC's Canine Good Citizen test includes sit, down, coming when called, distractions, walking through a crowd and more.  Please first attend obedience class to prepare your dog for this advanced class.

Clicker Tricks Class

The clicker is a phenomenal tool in dog training.  Learn the ins and outs of how to use the clicker and shape behavior.  Teaching your dog various tricks  is enriching for dogs of all ages!  Skills include:  shake, pout, bashful, crawl, rollover, open a door, carry, crawl, say your prayers, boogie and shout, just to name a few .  You will also find that your dog will create an interesting trick all on their own!

Stay in Train (S.I.T)

High Expectations “stay in train” program provides your dog with the comforts of a home and all the individual attention.  During your dogs stay, they will learn proper manners in the house and basic obedience commands.  Your dog will be living in my home for his training program, which is the best part. It is important that your dog stay with me 24 hours a day so we can form a trusting relationship during the training.  I will use the clicker to positively reinforce behaviors that your dog will learn.  After the training program has been completed, your commitment to being consistent with your dog is extremely important! It takes about 4 months of continuing to positively reinforce behaviors learned, in order for behaviors to go into long term memory.  So it is important that you keep reinforcing the behaviors that your dog learns with me during their stay.   I would take care of your dog anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on the level of obedience you would like to see in your Pooch.

Strictly Manners

In this 4 week course we will work on teach your dog to be polite and have good manners.  Patience and calm energy is a behavior that we need to make sure that we enrich and teach our dog.  Once a dog understands to behave calmly, many unwanted behaviors cease to exist.   This is a great class for those who have already taken a basic obedience course or those just starting out.  We will specifically work on leash manners, being polite in the house, wait, getting attention from your dog, and coming when called.

Advanced Community Training

This upper level class if for those who have completed both basic and intermediate training.  The class will focus on creating positive responses with our dogs in the community, and was created for those who want to include there dog in as many family activities as possible.  All classes will be held outdoors to enable us to achieve good behaviors under real life distractions.  You will receive an email the week before the class that will list all the locations for our training.  All classes will be held in Camas/Washougal.