Having High Expectations for your Dog
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Set high expectations for your dog!  Both you and your dog deserve a great relationship including trust, respect, and companionship.  To achieve this, we must learn how to best communicate with our dogs.  Through positive training and communication with your dog, we can improve your dogs behavior. Your dog will learn to trust and respect you, leading him to look to you for guidance and companionship.  At this point, we can make your expectations a reality.

Training is a constant positive in a dog's life.  I can provide you with the tools to create a relaxing and fun training environment for you and your dog.  After obtaining a good base in obedience training, let's continue building that bond with your dog through one of my other classes including tricks, agility, tracking, or search and rescue.

Classes in Progress:
Puppy Class  									Saturday @ 9:30am
Intermediate Obedience Class Saturday @ 10:45am
Basic Obedience Class Wednesday @ 6:45pm
Basic Obedience Class  			               			 Tuesday @ 6:00pm
Held at Southwest Washington Humane Society

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High Expectations Dog Training

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation."

- Charles F. Kettering